The International Community of Spéracèdes

Why in our little provençal village should we be talking about an international community? 

Well here are a few interesting statistics:


  • Currently 10% of the village population are foreign
  • 90% of these are European, of these 25% are English, 18% German, and the rest comprising of 12 other European countries, with 10% coming from as far afield as the USA
  • Spéracèdes is the" second home" for 82% of the foreigners living here, and the main residence for the remaining 18%
  • 27% live in La Renaude,
  • 18% in Le Ribas,
  • 12% in Les Laurens
  • and the remaining are spread out over another ten Quartiers of the village
  • In total they contribute just under a third (31 %) of our local taxes (60% of la taxe foncière and 20% ofla taxe d'habitation received by the village)
  • However, they represent less than 1 % of our electoral list for local and/or European vote


So what is our objective?

It is to help our international community to become more integrated, and feel more inc1uded in our village way of life.




We look forward to hearing from you, and your views on how we can help to make this happen.