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SiashMed is a global platform to ensure enhanced accessibility of medicines, healthcare products, and services to people from the local pharmacy stores, clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare domains. The founder of Siashmed Mr. Ashish Kumar believes that developing and strengthening the traditional pharmacy stores will be a part of the next upcoming stages of the e-commerce revolution in India. He aims to deliver quality medical products, medicines, and healthcare products at economical, affordable, and competitive prices with easy availability of digital e-commerce technology to the customers. On Siashmed you can order available medicine & healthcare products present at a pharmacy shop in the surrounding region based on the doctor's prescription. Download the Siashmed app and avail a new exposure of obtaining any medical product at a fast pace as well as effective customer experience.

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Siashmed is an all-in-one global platform that is purely dedicated to the service of the healthcare sector or the medical world where from buying medicines online, booking doctor appointments to getting jobs in the healthcare sector you can do everything. Our app allows you to experience world-class features like consulting doctors online & getting connected directly with the pharmacy store as well as the opportunity for a monopoly pharma franchise in your area by registering your pharmacy store on our Siashmed pharmacy partner. So now you can create your online e-pharmacy store and can grow your market size. Siashmed also gives you this unique feature where you can search online medical & pharmacy stores and place orders for your desired medicine & healthcare product from your preferred pharmacy store.

SiashMed - The Healthcare Platform
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